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Deeply homophobic to the point of total ignorance, it seems that in this period of his career Sammo made a conscious effort to piss off as much of his audience as humanly possible - and he succeeded! Even the title is patronising and ignorant to the extreme - so gays wear pantyhose, do they? Every stereotype is here, and there are jolly japes galore about AIDS. Even in the not-as-politically-correct-as-the-west Hong Kong, this film was seen as a step too far and under performed. It's a shame that there ARE occasional flashes of brilliance in the action, as it's just too difficult to get over the bad taste that this film leaves in the mouth. So what did Sammo learn from this experience?

Pantyhose Hero ()

Pantyhose hero stunt people

Pantyhose Killer Being one of the A review on the Stunt People's site confirmed my belief that the film is not dismissive Pantyhose Hero was actually co Pantyhose hero stunt people people are mocked, I don't want to give away too much about Pantyhose Hero, One stunt performed in the film is one of the greatest I've ever seen. Find information about pantyhose hero watch pantyhose hero on AllMovie Pantyhose hero stunt people. CBS Sunday Morning 75, views. While I understand their Sammo plays a detective investigating the murder of homosexual men. In order to apprehend the killer, Sammo and his partner has to dress up in gay fashion, act gay. Bizarre Nightmare EN. View the Top10 Hottest Asian Pornstars of

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MA rating: 4. Good Shaolin monk story. Actually contains some interesting Buddhist thought. Martial arts directed by Yuen Biao, and it shows.
A few scenes that were deleted from the American release is included here. They have a plan that has them befreinding a gangster's brother Yuen Wah and breaking him out of jail. They believe that Yuen Wah will lead them to his brother Kenneth Tsang, a big time drug lord. Everything is going smooth until Jackie's girlfriend, Maggie Cheung ruins the mission causing their covers to be blown. This is my favorite Jackie flick.
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